Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It was like meeting a long-lost childhood friend.

Each time it happens, it feels like a first time.

This time, I sat down to write a paper-and-ink letter. Put it in a red letterbox in front of a post office.

I know it's going to take many days to reach my friend. But I find it worth.

I can feel the high I am on. I can also remember the times when I have felt such highs before. I remember my friends with gratitude. They make this life worth living.


Jennifer said...

A beautiful little post about friendship...just like you, I prefer to write letters to my friends working or staying abroad than using other alternatives.When they write back, it is a thrill to read those letters. Friends surely make our lives worth living.

gargi said...

oh my dear.

so so happy.
for you and for me
and all of us...

Vishnu said...

Wah !

I forgot when the last time i posted a letter in that red metallic box.

gayatri said...

good yaar , lekin tum muze to letter nahi bhejate ho... hmmm i m angry.