Thursday, April 26, 2007

Taking Sides (Seema vs ToI this time)

The Original..

..and The clone.

In the pic is a building at the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram. Photo by Seema. I wish ToI carried those three words.

Seema has posted on her blog a letter to ToI for which she hasn't got a reply.

"I'm happy to see that my photo of a building by Padamashree Laurie Baker being published in you esteemed new paper, that too in editorial page. Same time it is really saddening to see that I am not attributed for the work I've done..

The picture you have given in this editorial is taken by me here in Trivandrum. you can find this picture here in this link. If you look into the copyright agreement section of the site you can see that I used Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 (Creative Commons) license for my work. I do want people to use my work with their creative work.."

* * *

Krishnakumar writes in a comment to the post on Ore Kadal: "There is always another side to every story. Why not wait and see?"

We have heard the "both sides" stories for a long time. In my experience that kind of a desparate attempt to "balance out" is often the most cruel thing to do. Like Mani Ratnam does in Bombay about the Bombay riots.

I know Times of India will sure have their side of this story.

I'd rather go by someone I know I can trust. Like Subhash or my friend Seema.

[Title courtesy: Taking Sides is the title of a 2001 film by Hungarian filmmaker István Szabó].

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