Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The World Cup is not over, boss!

The World Cup Madness in our media seems to have ended. That is a relief. Thanks to the Bangladesh and Sri Lankan teams who showed us where our "Blue Army" belongs.

The ads with our "heroes" are off air, there's no more "Ooh Aah India" (sounds like some porn scene) and all that crap. Yes, there's still some post-mortem going on to find out who are the real culprits (like this one), who all will lose job, who will be new captain, who will be new coach and all that. And there is a Bob Woolmer mystery for the Poirot fans. [He gave his life to Cricket - cricket world pays tribute]

All that is fine, but would that mean we stop covering the world cup matches?

Do our newspaper biggies feel that we are only supposed to follow the world cup only as long as Indian team stayed in the race?

Don't know if this lack of enthusiasm has anything to do with the loss of advertising revenues on ads that featured Indian players. Whatever the reason be, we have stopped getting updates about the previous day's scores. (I get The Telegraph at home, a city edition). One has to be content with two days old match reports and score cards. And of course, the coach-captain-senior players drama.

Is all the fizz over at this world cup? It's far from it. Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa are all playing good cricket. England is also very much in the race. To see how they tackle in-form Sri Lankans in today's match would be interesting. Even the West Indies is not out of the World Cup yet.

May be we will get a better coverage as the super eight stage nears an end. Thats all we can hope for now!

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sudeep said...

That hope seems to be out of place. It is not just the newspapers, even the rediff and the likes want us to believe the world cup is over. Today morning there's no mention of yesterday's thriller of a match between England and Sri Lanka in the headlines, not even in the sports headlines, in rediff! So what you have instead? "Kapil urges Gavaskar to take over", "Whatmore open to India job", "Spotted: Dravid and Sreesanth".