Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finding someone who does not like Namesake

Yesterday when I called a friend she said: "Sick it is.. Isse achcha to Namaste London jaise pictures banana hai.. Ye jyada jhoota lagta hai.." (It's better to make films like "Namaste London".. This looks more pretentious). She felt the film just repeated the irritating preachings of how you find "real" love and values only inside the family. "And after every 4-5 scenes there has to be an intimate love scene, it has become so predictable in Mira Nair's films.." "Monsoon Wedding also sold an image of India to the West but it at least tried talking about a real issue that is not discussed much.."

Thus I finally found someone who didn't like The Namesake.

I haven't seen the film. From whatever I read about it (though all of it was praise for the film and its director) I wondered why each and every one was raving about it. It disappointed me that talented filmmakers like Mira Nair have settled for such "safe" films. It didn't come to my town.

Yestreday itself, another friend (who hasn't seen the film) told me about one more person who did not like the film.

I was relieved. It's not the end of the world.


surgeon said...

i hated it! so there.. add me to the list. tabu cannot act like shes singing.

Protegeoflife said...

what are u crazy i j ust loved film i am awestruck neways good blog u hae there

Bhuvana Murali said...

Hey I am just trespassing here... but yeah, am one more person who didn't like the movie a lot... I liked the book though.