Monday, August 21, 2006

Moonnamathoral and Bhargavacharitham Moonnam Khandam: Good work

Moonnamathoral poster

In general the Malayalam movie posters are going from bad to worse-- is it that the producers find it a waste spending money on good-looking posters or even having attractive fonts for the title? Most of the posters don't call for a second look, and the designers are at best finding some new words like "monsoon hit" "elephant hit" and "muttan megahit", but some recent designs by rahmandesign are exceptions. Especially "Moonnamathoral" and "Bhargavacharitham Moonnam Khandam" posters.

[Somewhat off-topic: While talking about Malayalam film industry's unwillingness to experiement, I missed mentioning V K Prakash who dared to make different films like "Mullavalliyum Thenmavum", "Police" and now "Moonnamathoral". "Mullavalliyum Thenmavum" and "Police" weren't big hits, but they stayed in the mainstream commercial league, as does "Moonnamathoral". I didn't get to see the earlier films, I think I should catch this one. Link: film site]


V N said...

Unfortunately Sudeep, thats as far as they got. The posters, I mean. The less said abt both these films, the better. Steer clear and Stay safe!


sudeep said...

yes, i heard that:) from what i read about "notebook" in a recent "india today" (that is is about the need for the younger generation to grow up under the control of their parents), it looks like that one's not worth waiting for either:( now, classmates? after meesamadhavan and chandupottu, i had given up on lal jose. but at least he's trying to expreriment with an achchanurangattha veedu and classmates.. so may be there's still hope!