Tuesday, August 22, 2006

About Not vaccinating Aadil

We haven't vaccinated Aadil.

I don't know how you would react to it. Many of our friends didn't know how to react either, and some have reacted vehemently. We are putting the child at risk is their argument, by opting for vaccination one is supposed to be playing it safe.

As one of our friends said,
"Vaccinating a baby is something I by default consider to be a logical step. This impression mainly due to my prior readings and oral interaction with various people."

In our everyday life we do buy many illogicalities as "logical" without realizing it, because we usually get to see only one side of it. I don't know whether vaccinations are really useful or not, but after getting to read some material that suggested that vaccinations could have an adverse effect on one's health, and after listening to a few parents who chose not to vaccinate their children (they seemed as healthy as other children if not healthier), we decided to save our child of the risk of vaccination.

I also grew up learning how the advent of vaccinations was a turning point in the history of modern medical science, and it was this compilation of "Vaccination Myths" by Alan Phillips that got me to shake it off for the first time. [Many people have come up with counter-arguments to the points that the authour makes here, but I think it is still worth going through once as a starter].

In the last 5-6 years there has been many campaigns against the pulse polio programme in our country, and I am planning to do a documentation of the material that the activists have used against this programme. Watch this space.


Immigrant in Canada said...

I am a medical doctor and a mother. My children are completely vaccinated including chicken pox.

As a doctor it was heart breaking to see kids dying/or getting paralysed either by polio or even meningitis.
I never understood, why it is so hard for people to understand an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
By not vaccinating, you are putting your children at risk for the rest of their life. It is not common now to see adults suffering from mumps, mainly because most of them were not vaccinated, but now are susceptible to infection and all the other side effects assocaited with it.
I have had 3 children who are paralysed due to polio.. 3 doses of vaccines meant they would have never been in a wheel chair.
I have also lost a 3 yr old patient to meningitis(h1B)..again because the parents were well informed with the adverse effects of vaccinations.
There are articles about Vaccinations causing Autism.. However there was a recent article about 7 children conceived by Artificial insemination by the same donor but different mothers, 4 of them have autism. If vaccination caused the autism, why only 4 has, or is there a genetic issue here?

There is nothing in this world that 100% safe. You can drive your car and still be killed in a freak accident. But that doesn't prevent you from driving would it?
Every child deserves to be vaccinated.. they don't need suffer unnecessary, because their parents( who in all likelihood is vaccinated, at the least would have been given BCG) decided what is good for them.

sudeep said...

you're saying i am putting a child at risk. i may ask you the same question in a different way.. i can understand if you chose your life the way you want or if you choose to inject poison, but what right do you have to play with someone else's life? seriously, i have no convinving reasons to believe vaccinating a child is better than not vaccinating.

i know the medical science has "data" to show that vaccinations put one at lesser risk, but having seen data on both the sides, to support and to question the case of vaccinations, i don't feel that we are doing a chrime. and of course, it will be left to him once he grows up and starts taking his own decisions.

janees said...

let me ask you, what harm is there in getting vaccinated, if statistics how that it could reduce the chance, i will go get it.

I dont understand you on this.

sudeep said...

Here's some more that I found recently, on Pulse Polio fiasco in India and also on Vaccinations in general. (Let me say that again, I'm not trying to say all the arguments against the vaccinations are TRUE, but that it does not appear as a simple "fact" to me that those who opt not to vaccinate their children are doing a crime to their children or to the nation or to the humankind in general.

OPV paralyses 3,00,000+ children in last two decades

(a thread on a google group).

2. CVI Agenda: Vaccinate, all people, for all diseases, at any cost
(another post on the same group).

Anonymous said...

This guy is crazy..