Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The winter is coming to an end. It is still cool, but it's a matter of a few more days now. I have already started feeling sad about it.

It's not just about the heat. All those migratory birds that have made the lakes here their home this winter will be going back to their spring-summer habitats. Ranging from Himalayas to the old Soviet republics.

I don't know their names, or I haven't really bothered figuring them out, but I have enjoyed spending this season with them.

Of course, there will be those hundreds of water-fowls and other birds that would stay back. Through the scorching heat of months to come. Or may be they will also decide to leave some day, as the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable. (It seems it rained very less last year, and the "rainy season" turned into an unbearably warm one. Whereas in some other parts of the country it was the opposite, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh faced floods).

Ok- we were talking about the migratory birds. I don't even have a photograph of them. I may forget exactly how they looked, but the joy of spending these days with them would stay with me.

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Vishnu said...


It is touching and carried me somewhere. The Guwahati lake appeared to me more vivid , I don't know you had it in mind.

sudeep said...

you have been to guwahati? then you'd surely know what i'm talking about.. :)