Friday, January 12, 2007

Long Hair Blues

Growing long hair is not as easy as it looked. I'm learning it the hard way!

The hair strands get entangled often;

They collect all the dust and go wary when you're traveling;

If you don't apply oil it is difficult to manage;

If you apply oil it becomes even more difficult to manage;

You can not pick any shampoo-- you have to be very careful about picking the right shampoo;

Then you need a conditioner, and the right one (otherwise it worsens things);

Earlier I used to have bath and come out in three minutes flat, now it takes about fifteen minutes;

It takes another five minutes (at least) to comb the hair (and it is quite painful, untangling the knots) ...

I remember the days when I used to get irritated when mom (or other women at home) took time with their hair. I remember them with great respect-- unlike me, they didn't have much of a choice between growing the hair and keeping it short!

And I feel pity for those (short-haired) guys who have "long hair" in their concept of an ideal match:-) Unless, of course, they are looking for a mate who can manage things better than them.


Anonymous said...

Sir, your hair look extremely shabby in the class.
Do have an immediate haircut.

sudeep said...

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I'll try to do something about it.

tabassum said...

so the sensible decision will be to grow hair only on vacations.
For women also unless they are mystics and can enjoy a life long vacation.

Anonymous said...

A common problem these days is hair loss for women. Even if you like long hair, it is sad trying to grow a tail:-( I wonder what how the ladies of generations past kept such nice thick long hair.


surgeon said...

get a haircut!
men with long hair are a turn off. except if youre milind soman.
but well thats just me

surgeon said...

hahahahhahaa your student is right!

sudeep said...

chitra, one has to go through difficult times, but i am sure i'll come up with a surprise. wait till i come to bombay next time:-)

sandhya comments over mail:
"long hair was one of my major frustrations when i was in kerala. i was not supposed to leave it open, shampoo it, forget cutting it or tying a high pony.. now i am happy in short hair, having already found my suitable shampoo!!

and it s gonna be difficult for you, until you get used to the idea."

i agree.

tabassum, i liked that comment:-)

kaa said...

sahi hai yaar ...
i am also thinking of the same ...problem is the stage where it is not short and not long, especially in summers...but this time i 'll definitely try it..
and what shampoo and conditioner are you using