Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Water in / RDB out

A scene from Water

Feeling some excitement with the Academy Awards after a long long time. Thanks to a "generation" that swears by RDB and a nation that disowned Water.

This time there was a short-list of nine films that came out a few days back. RDB didn't find a place in that list, whereas Water did. And now, the nominations are out, and Water, Canadian entry at the awards in the best foreign language film category, is among the top five contenders for the title.

I have not seen Water but my friends who have seen it (In India, at some festival) say it is a well-made film and the director has got even John Abraham to act. I hope they are right.

I also hope and pray that the film wins at the Oscars. Despite having no great respect for the way these awards by, for and of Hollywood are given away every year. (The two titles "Best Film" and "Best Foreign Langage film", and the restriction that a "foreign" country can send at most one entry are racist in itself. Even within Hollywood, it is often reserved for the feel-good, "American" variety, and a Pulp Fiction would not make it. An Exception to this was American Beauty that won in 1999.)

As a defeat of the forces that keep trying to shut the mouths up whenever someone tries to say something that does not please them. As a mark of shame on a nation where a film gets censored on its sets itself. And as a victory over a generation that "awakens" to illusions.

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maymon said...

I personally felt bad when RDB got selected over Munnabhai. Water was never in the scene that

time. Now the Deepa Mehta film has made it into last five. But, I cant see the large hype in the media prevailed as

when Lagaan was nominated. Considering the frame-to-frame reporting of Abhiwarya and Rahul Mahajan episodes, one would have expected a better coverage for this film. Be cause even Sunita Williams was able to hit our headlines with the help of Gita and Ganesha idols.

I just read the storyline of this film from imdb. It looked interesting. What I learned was it is a period film mainly happening in Gandhi era, how widows were treated by the society, how Gandhi's principles started changing the society etc. It also tells about sati, child marriage, prostitution, and casteism.

I read responses from people from various web pages. Many are furious towards this film, as they believed the film showcased India(Hinduism?) in a bad taste. Some are going to the extend of calling this nomination is a "Anti Nationalists conspiracy"! ROTFL..

This re-iterates that our Indian(hindu?) society is not yet free from these uncivilized customs.

I hope Water will make it. At least that will prolong these discussions.

sudeep said...

sandhya writes:

"I saw 'water' one year back. i had already seen fire and admired deepa's work in that. and the craft was wonderful. but somehow water disappointed me. the issue which she had taken up was different, one which is forgotten by us. i liked the starting of the film. its about a child widow being abandoned in one house where lots of other widows live. but as the film proceeded, the character became very false with really unchildish protests and behaviour. i am nobody to decide what is a childish response like, but i felt it is out of place and exaggerated. same about kalyani.. my main problem was that. all the characters seemed to be artificial. there was no smooth flow. she just wanted to make it look serious, and ended up with hollow dialogues. and whoever said that john abraham acted? oh god! it was a pain watching him in that white dhothi struggling with expressions on his face. i would have loved to tell you where exactly i felt uncomfortable, coz it was so clear for me. which dialogue, which frame, what expression, which words, which character.. but i have forgotten most of it. the story has some interesting twists. true that fundamentalist fools will get frustrated about all these kind of things, but apart from that, as a film, i would say its not one of good quality. not a good piece of work.

you better get the CD from somewhere and watch it.."