Thursday, February 12, 2009

Making pink chaddi campaign more effective

I hope Sriram Sene people are not reading this. This is top secret intelligence material.

(By now most of you would have heard of the 'pink chaddi campaign'. If not, do google.)

I was talking with some people involved in this campaign at a secret meeting in Delhi discussing how could we make this campaign more effective. A major concern was that Sriram Sene would dump all the parcels that they get in these days, so the personalised messages would not reach them. (One my friend was saying she'd send a chaddi with her vagina's red signature on it..)

If they decide not to accept any parcels, there has to be some valuable parcel amongst it if they are to suffer from that decision. So we decided that we would send some expensive items also to them as part of this campaign.

* * *

[I do have a problem with this pink chaddi campaign and the kind of excitement associated with it, but seeing the right wing's comments on their blog I have decided to stand by them for now.

I also have an issue with the title 'Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women' as well. I will write about the differences in detail in a different post.]

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R.Sajan said...

In 17 years of the market economy, women have been influenced enough to demand public boozing and public love making rights.
They are now praised for sending soiled panties to Ram Sena. THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF PERVERSION.

Nobody imagined in the 90s when they watched Napkin advertisements that things would come to this plight. See how easy it is to destroy an Asian culture.