Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy for Rahman, Happy for Resul (and an Indian film to watch out for)

I'm happy that Rahman and Resul have been recognized at the academy awards.

Like many other Rahman fans, I also believe that he has done better compositions before.. But he did deserve to get into limelight at an international level. It had to happen some day or the other. I hope he will go on making good music.

With Resul it is different -- he is relatively in the initial stages of his career. I hope he will make it really big, and that it inspires more Indians to take technical careers in films seriously.

I am also happy for Sean Penn -- I had loved him in Dead Man Walking and 21 grams.

As far as Indian cinema goes, I am looking forward to Gabhricha Paus by my friend Satish Manwar. It has already bagged an award at Pune International Film Festival, and has got good reviews at Rotterdam festival.

Another review at Passion For Cinema says, "From the synopsis and the trailer, it can be made out that the film is not just “another tragic film on a tragedy” and that elements of black humor have been dosed in. In fact this reminded me of the korean films in which a tragic subject is taken and elements of black humor is sprinkled. I could also see a bit of Pather panchali and The Bicycle thief in it, and I mean it as a compliment."

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Sudeep said...

Gabhricha Paus was screened at Indian Film festival of Los Angeles this week. Here is one mention on the film in LA weekly: "..A standout example from the festival’s first week is Satish Manwar’s The Damned Rain, a neorealist excavation with a grim subject — an epidemic of suicides in a drought-ridden farming area — that is enriched by the use of that most maligned of Bollywood conventions.."