Sunday, January 18, 2009

cc2c rocks!

I loved Chandni Chowk to China.

This film is certainly not for those looking for "meaningful" drama. It takes off from where OSO left, and goes a long way. I mean, all the way to the great wall. With a lot more action (thanks to Gordon Liu and apna Akshay Kumar), and a lot more laughs.

Deeapika, as twins separated at birth, almost steals the show from Akshay. Meow meow especially was awesome.


gi. said...

dint like the film much darling.
except for the funny akshay kumar..
the film got screwed when it got serious in parts
like when sakhi remembers her parted twin and.
the story and the meeting up of the past-parted family was bizarre.

Sudeep said...

You really found it a 'serious' scene?
I thought it was the funniest it could get!

sereena said...

even as bad actors cannot sing alone,but only in chorus:some cannot walk alone(epictetus)

Sudeep said...

A week since I posted this, and cc2c has become notorious by now.

The 'greats' of Indian cinema like Shekhar Kapur had to comment that this is the worst film of the century, and it questions the viewers' sensibilities. I don't know if this was part of a planned attack against the film, but in any case I don't understand what this guy means. He is probably still stuck with Mr India brand of cinema and thinks that is exactly how much a film can go as far as 'sensibilities' are concerned, or e is just happy with doing Elizabeth kind of 'safe' films. Let him do whatever he wants to do. But I wish he did not show so much insecurity when there comes films that try to question, and redifine, our own sensibiities.

Sudeep said...

sereena, sukham.
i have not been regular on the net these days.
i did not really get your comment though -- you meant bad singers? and was that comment meant for the other post? :-)