Sunday, November 16, 2008

NRI Minister goes mad, bans women traveling alone on Visiting Visa

വയലാര്‍ രവിക്ക്‌ വട്ടായി എന്ന് വേണം കരുതാന്‍.

Vayalar Ravi, our dear union minister for NRI affairs, says at a function in Sharjah yesterday that Indian Government will make sure visiting visa will not be issued to women who travel alone abroad.

I saw this statement in Asianet new channel yesterday.

P V Abdul Wahab MP was among the audience at that time, and he almost got into a fight with Hon'ble minister on this issue.

I don't know what drives Ravi to make such a statement, or whether this was decided at a higher level. Whatever it is, I think it is a huge leap backwards in time.


sudeep said...

Mysteriously enough, I could not find this piece of news in English or Malayalam newspapers today. (Please let me know if you did read it in print today).

Here is another post I found on this issue.

sudeep said...

b wrote in from calicut:
dear sudeep, of course it sounds like a leap backwards, but, i was wondering, if this is someones strange idea of preventing human traficking.

sudeep: it is. that was the argument sri ravi had. it is indeed a 'strange idea' and it needs to be questioned.

t wrote: ohohhoh
i think mr.ravi does not deserve even a coment on such a foolish statment if he does so.

sudeep: if he says it at a personal level, yes.
but when a cabinet minister says that, and makes it sound it is the official line of indian government, it does deserve attention. and when it does not make it to any of the newspapers (after it being aired as big news in asianet), one smells rats.

as i mentioned, abdul wahab reacted to the this on the spot, and said this is clear discrimination, and asked what is the logic behind it. ravi gave some mudanthan arguments in reply. it almost got into a kayyankali between the two.

since nobody has told me about reading it anywhere in print, i am assuming no major newspapers carried it.

i think we should see how this issue can be raised at a higher level, and get answers as to whether this is the government line, and if not, how does a minister not in his senses gets to make such a statement and get away with it.

another female friend wrote: i have started lobbying against ravi.

sudeep said...

Bindhulakshmi, who does research on Keralite women migrating to Dubai, wrote:


I also saw it only in Manorama news channel. Didn't see anywhere else. I found it one of the extremely stupid comments by Mr.Vayalar Ravi. I've been working on this issue of women's transnational migration especially in the context of migrant women domestic workers from Kerala to UAE. Things are not very good on that front. I don't know whether you are aware that there is an ban on women to migrate abroad as domestic workers if they are below the age of 30 years! All these imposed ban are under the pretext of trafficking discourse. Interestingly the imposed ban is due to the recommendation of National Women's commission!! It is time that we need to engage with the whole notion of trafficking and its apparent conflation with women's mobility.

Heera said...

strange..but i heard there is already a ban for domestic workers who is below 30 age. if im wrong please correct me...

Anonymous said...

Ravi is correct in his stand about women going alone to the Gulf because the provision is misused by human traffickers to fill their brothels. These poor women pay the recruiters thinking that they are being sent off for decent jobs; but end up in brothels.