Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Overdoze of Opinions

I ask myself, why no posts on this blog for such a long time?

A friend of mine asks, what is your take on the Mumbai attacks?

I realize that the latter one kind of answers the first question. If I wrote in my diary, it had to be about 26/11. When one is really tired of 26/11. Because this was true with almost every person in India, and each had their own piece of opinion. Ranging from War to Conspiracy theory.

Yes I was exhausted, listening to this overflow of opinions from all corners.

From television to office cab to newspapers to FM channels to dining tables to mailing lists to small gatherings to facebook to orkut to personal e-mails to bar tables. From intellectuals to comman man to common woman. Everyone had a say. And I did not feel anything new in any of it. Nor did I have anything new to say.

I desparately wanted to shake it off, and the first piece I wrote after the Mumbai attacks was about another (much smaller) threat that kept the security personnel at Kochi airport on edge for about an hour a couple of days before 26/11. I wrote it in Malayalam. (I will try to do an English translation for this diary).

Despite all this, this guy called Francois Gautier managed to get the better of me, and got me to comment on an opinion on these attacks.

Election results were probably the only reason to feel good this gone month. Apart from parts of Oye Lucky.., first half of Dil Kabaddi and sone scenes of RNBDJ. And the promos of Chandni Chowk to China. (I would like to forget a torture called Maya Bazaar). And yes, a historic run chase by the South Africans against Australia.

Let us hope for a better year ahead.

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