Friday, May 04, 2007

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no rights reserved
Thanks for sharing and reusing the contents of this diary.


Anivar said...

sudeep, include the metadata of creative commons public domain licence in the blog. It will help the work indexed in creative commons searches.

I prefer to use in order to prevent the proprietarisation of knowledge we produce.

I hope u are visited

anish said...

mast hai :) yaar mein ghar aa gaya. so no guwahati yet. tu kaisa hai?

sudeep said...

anivar, the no rights reserved page points to creative commons so i thought i'll keep it simple..

anish, so any plans of guwahati now?

Anivar said...

yea. According to the web 2.0 philosophy there is no meaning in linking a static image in a page. a lot of people are reading blogs through XML feeds. XML metadata's decides the categorization in search engines. Thats why i pointed it.

HAPPY to see a no rights reserved logo.

chjones said...

Hi, Sudeep! I'm glad you like the logo; you're using it exactly as I'd want. ;-) Might I suggest a different version, though? It should load faster and look a bit nicer (as it's already sized 88x31):

Feel free to use it or not, of course; just thought I'd offer!