Sunday, May 06, 2007

Messi magic: replay

A friend gives link to the Messi goal on youtube. (A report: Messi in Maradona tribute)

The mail says: "el gol de Sa: messi contra el getafe... recordando aquél gol del Sa: diego en méxico '86 contra Inglaterra.."

For those who don't understand Spanish, there is Google translate tool: "the goal of Sa: messi against getafe… remembering that one goal of the Sa: Diego in Mexico '86 against England.." (Sa: is short for Malayalam Sakhav, a word that means comrade or pal).

[Here is the original Maradona goal, also on youtube]

I, like other Argentine fans, never understood the logic in keeping Messi out of the crucial quarter final match against Germany. (And that infamous Riquelme pull out.. O my god I don't want to remember that game!)

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