Saturday, March 31, 2007

Seeing RED

RED: The Dark Side poster from

Almost every review said it was bad. Trade pundits wrote it off as a flop. Still I preferred watching Red: The Dark Side to Namastey London.

Yes, it was very predictable stuff. I guess that is enough reason for a suspense thriller to fail. The film also looks confused about what audience to target -- the multiplex class or B and C centres. Or it targeted both and failed at it miserably. But well, it is stylish in parts, Aftab does show signs of becoming an actor, the music is catchy.. I won't call it a disaster. And it seems the film is inspired by 21 grams. I don't have anything against lifting ideas from elsewhere if that can give us something fresh and something different, and I seriously hope someone makes a better Hindi flick out of 21 grams.

One thing about some of these films in this genre (that is relatively new to Bollywood) is female characters who have some meat in their roles (not just flesh). I can think of Jism, Murder, Aitraaz, Chehra.. It will be interesting to see whether the female-centered thrillers are here to stay.

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