Monday, March 26, 2007

Oru Snehabandhatthin..

Mother died on March 6.

She is now with me more than she ever was.

Below is a favourite song of hers. I remember her singing it very often in our younger days. She identified very much with this song. Of a lady who went searching for love but never found it. If anyone remembers the missing two lines, please fill in.

Oru Snehabandhattin..


Aparna said...

Had read that 'mothers-day' article you wrote about her sometimeago.

I think I've never heard this song. Hope someone comes along who remembers the rest two lines.

Did you hear anything more about Saji whom you mentined in your last post? Is the operation yet? DId they manage enough money?

sudeep said...

Saji's operation will mostly happen this month itself. They have managed about two and a half lakhs.

This song was a "Lalithaganam" aired on AIR. Don't know who wrote it or who composed it.

agith george said...


you brought me almost 20 years back
the time i used to teach in parellell college...

and that is one of the songs
we never forgot to sing
almost every day...

i too forgot the lines
for i don't know when last listened to some music....