Friday, July 24, 2009

A Simple Solution to Delhi's Parking Woes

"People unnecessarily complain that there's shortage of parking space in Delhi.. Everyone has a tree in front of their house. If they could get rid of it, there's more than enough space for all the cars.."

The driver who said this was serious. I found it funny, but could not laugh in front of him. Later I laughed my heart out, sharing this joke with friends.

But then, it is just a matter of choice. You decide whether you want that third car (or second, or fourth.. quite common in Delhi class families) or that tree in front of your house. Simple.

[image : sudeep]


A V Koshy said...

It's when that driver's mentality reaches Parliament that we are in BIG trouble!

Black Witch said...

i thought "simble solusion for comblicated problams" is a malayalee monopoly :)