Friday, July 31, 2009

Bewakufi in double role

That is what we get when Imtiaz Ali decides to play by the rules.

So let us count some of the rules.

Rule number one. When the hero and heroine break-up, both of them will make sure they will hook up with the dumbest woman and most boring man respectively.

Two -- Love happens once in life. (Proof: that dumb woman and the boring guy in rule one).

Three -- Rishi Kapoor has taken his second life as an actor to teach the younger generation the meaning of love. (Don't know how many more times we will have to tolerate him!)

Four -- Bewakufi is what characterizes real love. (The 'kal' hero says, "Mujhe pata hai ye bewakufi hai". The 'aaj' hero takes it too seriously.)

The count could go on.

On the plus side, Deepika has got a good smile and she knows it. She is awesome in happy scenes. Ok -- she is sad in sad scenes, but those scenes are sad anyway.

Saif shows glimpses of brilliance once in a while, both in happy and sad scenes. I particularly loved the scene where his pressure builds up taking to Rishi Kapoor Paji about Meera seeing someone in India.

And the film has got some wonderful posters.

["Imtiaz Ali, one of the most promising filmmakers in the country, is sadly down with blockbusteritis", one reader wrote in the comments section of rediff review page. When there is so much money running on his film, one can not expect a Socha Na Tha. But I expected a more sensible blockbuster, say something like an OSO.]


Anonymous said...

Nice Review. I disagree tho. I feel, the premise was superb. I imagined a lot of abject clarity and a clear distinction between the generations. However, the storyline, tho original, doesnt deliver. I went with my family, and I absolutely hated the fact that the younger generation is portrayed so shallow. The old one do get the sympathy. Its sad to see Imtiaz, who made the most adorable Socha Na Tha, churn out an idea with potential, but not even close to it this time around. The grip or the fact that people could identify with the charectors in the earlier movies by Imtiaz is clearly missing. Sorry, it just doesnt cut it...

Sudeep said...

Portraying younger generation as shallow is also among the rules of this game.. then only there will be enough contrast to the 'real' love of yesteryears..!

Imtiaz had given us mature, fun love stories (of this generation) that defied most of these rules.. that is why I feel disappointed with this one, even though I know it is better than most others coming out these days.