Saturday, October 25, 2008

Delhi Encounter: an interesting whodunnit

The whole encounter and the mysteries behind it are reaching new highs. It beats Agatha Christie.

Those who say the encounter was fake are living in wonderland, says Praveen Swami in The Hindu.

In reply came a detailed response Shuddhabrata Sengupta: Curioser and Curioser (those who have read Alice in Wonderland would know :-))

Latest news on this (from rediff): Delhi cops file Jamianagar encounter affidavit

"Ever since the Jamia nagar encounter at L-18 Batla House occurred, it has been surrounded by controversies. While the Home Ministry and the Delhi cops claim that it was this encounter that helped them solve the mystery surrounding the recent spate of bomb blasts in the
country, several activists have been claiming that the entire operation was fake.

The Delhi police while justifying their actions state in a detailed affidavit that their initial plan was to conduct a raid at Batla House..."

Whatever be the truth, there sure is an element of entertainment a sense of fear.


sudeep said...

From Edit India: Media frenzy over Jamia Nagar encounter: Mail Today points out loopholes in police version

"We don't say that the encounter is fake. But the fact that every time a new mastermind comes up and media accepts it, forgetting that the person named the mastermind and blamed for the same blast earlier is now probably either lodged in jail or acquitted.

The media just ignored that Waliullah who was accused of bombings in courts, has been absolved of anti-national activities recently. Now new masterminds are blamed for those crimes. We all hope that those behind the blasts should be arrested and there must not be any eyewash..

So, was this an eyewash attempt to save Patil of jis job, after the notorious fashion parade on the day of blasts?

Mail Today carried more stories. One was Atif and Sajid shot with an intent to kill, along with photographs of the dead bodies.

" in possession of MAIL TODAY include torso shots and injuries to the rest of the bodies are not visible — except for a grazing wound on the leg of one of the bodies.."


(The Mail Today website does not seem to be working now)

sudeep said...

On the reference to Home minister's wardrobe raid: Economic Times story: Serial dresser Patil at Saturday night blasts.

Visuals of the fashion parade is available here.