Friday, October 13, 2006

When our Intelligence traps us..

".. our intelligence also catches us in its net, the nature of which is to link causes and effects and by forming a logical argument. Then we try to get our life to an order that fits that logic; view the world through the same. When things don't happen according to this logic, that leaves us astounded. We feel it is impossible, it can not be true. Things don't cease to happen just because our intelligence considers it impossible. Thus when the path that the life and the world takes does not match with one's intelligence, it baffles the brain.."

I know it's not a very good translation. Original below, in Malayalam:

"..buddhiyum ithupole namme mohitharakkarundu. karyakaranangale kortthiNakkivachchu tharkkikamaya oru nyayatthinu roopam nalkiyittu, aa nyayam vachukondu swantham jeevithatthe krameekarikkukayum prapanchatthe nireekshikkukayum cheyyunnathaanathinte swabhaavam. athanusarichchu karyangaL nadakkaathe varumpoL amparannu ninnupokunnu. athanusarichchallatheyulla sambhavangal prapanchatthil nadakkumpoL athasaadhyam ennum asambhavyam ennum vilayirutthunnu. asambhavyam ennu manushyabuddhi vilayirutthiyathukondu maathram sambhavangal undavathirikkunnilla. ingane jeevithatthinteyum prapanchatthinteyum gathiyum swantham buddhiyum thammil iNangaathe varumpoL buddhi kuzhanhupokunnu.."

[Swami Muni Narayanaprasad in his explanation of Sree Narayana Guru's Darsanamaala]

This happens with most of us but we often manage the situation somehow and save our thoughts from getting completely fouled up. But when one is extremely convinved that the logic that one has found is "THE TRUTH", and the world around her/him is not flexible enough to change it ways the way (s)he wants, it is likely that the person goes mad..

And we are often helpless..


tabassum said...

And it takes us a lifetime to get rid of suh false impressions because we are all in the traps of our ego.
I wish subid could get into tough with someone whose ego he might value better than his own, as i did once yours or sharmi's.
So how is that chance?valuing somebody's logic as higher and tranlating our conclutions in their terms?

Anonymous said...

Sherlock Holmes had a simple take on this , "If a fact is presented which cannot fit into the theory, then the theory must be changed."