Monday, October 02, 2006

Mahatma Gandhi meets Munnabhai

October 2 was a holiday, and Mohandas decided to check out the latest product that's selling his brand..

Mahatma Gandhi: Arre, tu to is baar ekdum pseud dikhrela hai bhaai..

Munna: Haan bhaai, sab jagah vikaas ki baat horalla hai, apna look bhi thoda vikasit ho gaya samjho bhaai..

Circuit: Aur mera naya cheshma dekha bhai.. Mere gale mein ka sone ka wajan bhi badh gayela hai Gandhibhaai!

MG: Lagta hai uske saath saath tumhare rishtein bhi badal gaye hai.. Pichli baar tumlogon ka ek "aam aadmi" image tha, kahaani mein bhi kuch aise character the jo not-so-elite India ko represent kar rahe the.. Iss baar to kahaani mein sirf amir log nazar aa rahe hai bhaii.. jaise Karan Johar ki film mein hote hai!

M: Kya karein bhaai producer ko shayad laga hoga multiplex audience ko unki class kihich kahani pasand aayegi.. Aur bole to shayad unko ye bhi lagta hai middle aur upper middle class mein Gandhigiri phailane ke liye aise characters chahiye jinse woh log relate kar paaye..

MG: Kya bol raha hai! Ye movie Gandhigiri phaila raha hai..?

M: Main nahi bola bhai.. Akhaa media bolrela hai.. Aur apna producer aur director bhi wohi bolrela hai..

C: Magar tumhe aisa nahi lagaa naa Gandhibhai.. Main bhi wohi bol raha tha.. Ye sab Gandhigiri Non-violence sab bakwaas hai sirf Dadagiri chalta hai-- yehi film ka moral of the story hai! Bura mat maanna bhaai mujhe Gaandhigiri ke barein mein kuch pata nahi hai (woh film dekhke tumhe pata chala hi hoga) main to sirf film ki message ki baat kar raha hoon bhaai..

MG: Circuit sahi bol raha hai.. Gandhigiri mujhe sirf iska poster mein dikha tha.. ki "Statutory warning: This film contains nonviolence.." Uske aage to film mein sirf goondagiri nazar aata hain! Tu bhi kyaa aadmi hai Munnabhai, do main mar pade to pehle bolta hai aage kya karna hai Gandhi ne bola nahi hai, uska bajaa dalta hai phir apnaa Gandhigiri yaad aata hai..

M: Majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi hai bhaai.. director saab ko lagtaa hai uskaa bajaa daalna chahiye.. mera matlab hai usko lagta hai audience ko wohich mangta hai.. to main kyaa karoon bhaai?

MG: Aur tu bhi Circuit.. Woh bechaara jyothish ka bheje pe bandook lagake uska dimaag out kar deta hai aur phir bolta hai "mujhe sorry bolne kaa hai".. Isko tum Gandhigiri bolte ho?

C: Maine pehle hi bola tha bhai.. Ye Gandhigiri Wandhigiri mein apun ka vishwaas nahi hai.. Sach to ye hai ki ye apna hero Munna ko bhi vishwaas nahi hai, directorsaab ko bhi nahi hai, naa film dekhke jo "enlightented" ho gaye hai unko! Aur mujhe kya bol raha hai ji..

MG: Magar ek baat to hai Circuit.. Tu jab pyaar se "Bhaai" bolta hai naa, Sanju bhaai ke saare female fans jalke koyla ban gaye honge. Pehle film mein bhi aur abhi bhi! Tu sahi mein Munna ka pyaar mein to nahi hai..

C (blushing): Ye sab public mein bolne ka nahin hota bhai..

LS (passing by, shaking his hips): Just chill chill just chill...


jenny_under construction said...

kollaam - really there is a need to make a film that makes fun of lage raho -

jenny_under construction said...

make it shorter for greater effect

Kk said...

I donno where the aam jantha-higher class effect came into being. The message was to all the ppl of india to learn a few good things from movie., gandhigiri aside. It prob'ly won't work very well., but atleast ppl are trying ! Hope is the word here..,

Dinesh said...

It is cool to poke fun at something, and it also makes your blog popular, but the bottomline is to take back only the good things. Your hand at comedy-spoof-post-based-on-latest-popular-movie-whose-link-you-left-as-comments-on-my-blog is a good try. A 2 hour movie is not the basis of one's life. As KK said, it is important to have Hope in life. Find Hope wherever you can, that is the only thing that can keep one humble and going. I am no Gandhian, but I can humbly accept that there were good things about the movie.

Raghuvamshi said...

The moment it made you think about Mahatma Ghandhi, the movies motive is acheived. Rest is all about ur attitude !!!

sudeep said...

First of all: I liked the film. I think it has in it the energy to influence people. the problem I have with it is in what I felt as the message it ends up conveying (in an effort to spread the message of non-violence). Thats why I felt it is important to put a check on such a claim, and try to figure out why exactly are so many people (yes, including many of us who'd go for violent means of action as a first choice) are liking the film.

kk and dinesh: I agree it is important to have hope in life. I'm not giving up on it.

kk: The class effect comes into play when someone can not relate to the characters and situations in the film. I know many people who feel completely left out after watching most of our city-multiplex films because they can't relate to anything in it.

Dinesh: there were good things about the movie, right. I guess I didn't have to say that, it has been said n number of times. I felt no point in repeating them. But you admit you are no Gandhian (even after watching the film!) and thats one point I wanted to highlight. Because media is going ga-ga how this film is teaching Gandhian values to younger generation.

Rodricks, I didn't quite understand your comment.

Arvind said...

I don't think the movie has got any ability to create any impact of inducing Gandhian values in our youth. Yes, I liked the film as well because it is fun-filled. I don't know how violent or non-violent this movie is but ppl liked it because it was a refreshing change more than any core admiration or beliefs in Gandhian values.

aakash said...

wah kya idea Sudipbhai. Boleto ekdom hila diya. The concept of the movie is really good. I think it’ll create a positive impact on youth. We need such more films to create morality.