Sunday, June 21, 2009

If my vagina could sing..

Guest post, by Sandhya.

[Painting by Frida Kahlo]

if my vagina could sing,
it will have the sound of a saxophone.

if my vagina could have a taste,
it will be the taste in the mouth of a child,
who likes to chew her slate pencil.

if my vagina could adorn herself,
it would use fresh and wild paalappookkal,
which blooms into the midnight.

if my vagina would fall in love,
it would do so with sree.

if my vagina wanted to get drunk,
it would take golconda ruby wine,
plus two sips of vodka.

if my vagina wanted to give birth,
it would to neethu, sudha and pooja.

if my vagina wanted to unwind,
it would swim in the waters of souparnika,
which carries the scent of an untouched forest.

if my vagina were a little more romantic,
it would miss those unbearably beautiful, still crookedly sharp,

dainty fingers
of her ultimate lover of the past.

if my vagina wanted to see herself in a portrait,

it would be that of a woman, earth and tree,
and she 'd lie between careless and open thighs,

adorned with red,
aroused by her own scent,
breathing very slowly, relaxed.

and if my vagina could change one thing about herself,
she would happily say goodbye to periods,

which pierces her, which violates her with that adamant flow of blood.

[inspired by gigi's blog.]


ഗി said...


Surface said...

beauty and truth

Sridevi said...

:) beautiful

Sudeep said...

Thanks to all the comments online and offline.

I was jealous the first time I read it -- that I don't have a vagina (I wished it was me who wrote it). Thats why I asked Sandhya if she could put it here as a guest post. It makes me feel somewhat happy.

Thanks Sandhya, the diary is honoured:-)

Black Witch said...

poda dey ;)

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Anonymous said...

If my vagina had a tongue I'd give it some ice cream (preferably vanilla)

lazzyidols said...

nice!! truly incredible!