Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fukuoka Passes Away

Masanobu Fukuoka died at the age of 95. The man who wrote One Straw Revolution.

He was a farmer who questioned the fundamentals of farming -- he wrote about his experiments with what he calls natural farming, where he totally did away with tilling and weeding.

He was not only a farmer. There are people who think the book is not about farming at all, but are shaken by the charm of this small book.

I felt that once you read this book, you are not the same person any more. No matter whether you believe in his farming techniques or not. No matter whether you agree with his philosophy or not. It is one present I love buying for my friends (not just because it comes for under hundred rupees).

["This is the story of a Japanese farmer. You'll really like it. It's about farming, but not really..": from an online review.]

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Masanobu Fukuoka: On Wikipedia

Fukuoka Farming Web site

Nature Knows Best: an article on Fukuoka


kaa said...

i want to read this now.

anish said...

sudeep thanks! also want to read it.

Mary said...

One-Straw Revolution rebounds around my cells since I read it. I believe it was 1985 when I first came across this book. We need this knowledge now more than ever, the world over.

kaa said...

you can get a free copy here: http://www.soilandhealth.org/copyform.aspx?bookcode=010140.fukuoka

sudeep said...

kaa, thanks for the book link. Anish, so you've got it:)

Mary, I agree with you.

Bindhulakshmi scraps on orkut:
"i don't remember...is it u or shetal introduced fukuvoka to me? i read it in one go while travelling in netravati and also got some of my co-passengers to read it too...such an impressive and convincing style!"

crazymynd said...

nice to read sudeep.... i had enjoyed reading two of his books and i love more the other one ...i think the title is 'Back to the nature"...sorry plse correct me if its wrong.

Sundaram said...

Thanx, sudeep!

I have always thought i'd read Fukuoka once i have some free time....i'd sure read now....

know what, i am luckier than you coz i can read japanese...

In exchange, here is a new article .... http://sanhati.com/front-page/938/

Anonymous said...

free copy is no longer available. U have to pay 10 yuro dollars to become a member.

RAMA said...

it is no longer a free copy. U have to become a member of the library. Thanks