Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When Kottayam woke up in the night

Here is another one on women's day. Pictures of Malayali women reclaiming the night hanging out in the city and doing streetplays and songs. Keralatthil mathramalla Kottayatthu polum orupakshe aadyamaayi:-)

To view them closer, visit this album.


Anivar said...

There is a photogallery on manorama online . See the gallery titled womensday in current affairs

link is here

smrti said...

Read first time about this in your blog. Happy to see it happened in Kerala. Thanks Sudeep for letting me know.

unknown said...


Tips said...

Reclaiming the night... :-) When did women lose/have night under their control,to reclaim it?
I do understand the problems faced by women.However what did you achieve by doing such an activity? Other than showing people that there is group of people who thinks like this.
Don't you think that our society is not open enough to understand these things?
Don't you think that common people consider this group as aliens(alien looks, alien thoughts and alien action),whom they cannot understand or relate to?
Do you think that these actions would make society understand the troubles faced by women or do you think that people will start supporting your activities?
Don't you think that there are better ways to change the dynamics of thoughts of the society.
Finally,Don't you think that it is a problem with the society and not only that of women and we need to think of taking our society forward?

Expecting your thoughts on these... Perhaps you can share it with people in your group, if it is going to help the cause

Tips said...

It seems that you ppl don't even care about the outcome of your actions. Energetic and foolish. You can only shout, you are incapable of changing.

sudeep said...


Sorry for the late response. I have been busy with work, and did not get much time to spend on the blog. When I got some time, I used it to make another post.

I don't know what you mean by "you people". I was not among those who stayed awake on that night, though I do see a point in their acts.

If you do understand problems faced by women, I believe you will come to understand the achievements of such activities at some point of time. Things do not change overnight, and I don't think those who participated had any such illusion. But I can vouch that if women take their problems for granted and stay mum, it is not going to change ever.

There has been a lot of improvement in things over years, and such a night out, or participation in a night vigil despite all efforts to silence them through media will all go a long way in changing the perception of the society on what women can do and where does her freedom end.

Tips said...

I have not got answers to questions. You are just giving a holistic view of things. you are projecting your expectations, not a possible outcome of your actions. Nothing concrete.

sudeep said...


When I do something, or when I talk of something that is happening, I can only say what I expect to come out of it. I am not a tarrot reader or a fortune teller. Let time answer your questions, and mine.

I can see that things have changed over years. It is not the same world as it was when the feminist movements started in Kerala/India.