Thursday, November 29, 2007

A credit card that lasted two and a half days: A biography

Day One

* Receive the credit card by courier from ABN AMRO. (Mon Nov 26, 3pm)

* Try to register the card on bank's web page, "first time registration" link fails.

* Book a Railway Ticket at IRCTC successfully.

* Try to book another ticket at the same site, get message that get message that the booking could not be made, and the amount will be credited back to your account.

* Bank calls me up and confirms the transactions were made by me.

Day Two

* Try the same ticket again in the morning at IRCTC, get the same message.

* I call up IRCTC, they assure me the amount will be refunded in two days.

* Try once again, get the same message. (All three times I get a regret mail each from IRCTC.)

* Finally successfully booking that ticket, in the fourth attempt.

Day Three

* Get the first refund from IRCTC on my card account. (Mail from IRCTC)

* Try to book a flight ticket on, and get an error "invalid Credit Card details: Try again".

* Get the same message in the second attempt also.

* Call up MakeMyTrip, the lady there offers to get the booking done on phone. I do the booking (the ticket charges have gone up by then).

* Pay with the card after I eat out with friends, they misplace the card after swiping.

* I call up the bank and block the card. They say there's some problem in the system, they can not check the transactions. They ask me to call again in the morning and put a request for new card.(11:30pm)

Day Four (Life After Death)

* I call up bank, request them to issue another card. Meanwhile I ask them to check for the transactions done yesterday. It turns out that the two "invalid card details" transactions on have debited money from my account. That is 12000-odd rupees:-(

* Call up MakeMyTrip, they tell me I should send an email to them with my credit card statement so that they can make the refund.

* I call up the bank again, they say they will issue a statement only after they issue the new card.

* * * *

Lesson One: Web developers at banks are still learning linux.
Lesson Two: IRCTC website is poor in making the bookings properly every time, but they are able to figure that out themselves and correct it.
Lesson Three: MakeMyTrip sucks.
Lesson Four: Credit card does not always mean convenience.


Anonymous said...

Two & Half days in Hell..

shannon said...

oh man, what a horrible ordeal; and i thought that when businesses accept credit cards it was supposed to make it more convenient for the consumer... this seems like the worst experience ever!! i hope you got your money back for those chrages...

Anonymous said...

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