Monday, July 16, 2007

Redlight area

I ask for directions, and someone tells me "redlight se right lena".

Ok, I tell myself -- "redlight" is a place everyone is supposed to know. I didn't have the guts to ask how to get to the "redlight" because I was afraid people might think that is where I want to go. That would certainly be an embarassing situation, especially when it is not "redlight" one is looking for.

So I ask for directions again, and this time I am asked to take a turn at the "laal batti". There was no point asking again, and after a while it hit me that it could be a traffic lamp they are refering to. Which indeed was.

More than a month in Dilli, I am coming to terms with it. It does not matter whether the signal shows green or yellow, it is still a redlight. Delhi is a land of red lights.


anish said...

haha. kuch bhi yaar! you can make a tage now - 'delhi lingo' :)

surgeon said...

hmmm... im surprised you were confused.