Saturday, May 15, 2010

When I long the sea...

When I long the sea, am shown the stream,
Where never comes the nymph nor the shore where I would scribe my heart…

On the thorny way -
Naked am barefooted,
Walk in ecstasy, in the midsun
Leaving my hair free.

Never have I seen the tree,
Never I sought the shadow,
Still walking am all alone
The journey to reach my Soul.

The rituals come to an end
The mirage gone down the lane.
Patched me, the broken mirror
And me looked at myself, over and over
- my arms were agile,
- my legs were firm,
- my heart was strong,
But with the face, missing!

Slowly and steadily I walk up the hill
Alone am all alone,
The journey to reach my Soul.

[By Bena]